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Aldridge Trimming Ltd, is a family run business that has been established for well over half a century and three generations. The business was founded in the 1930's and initially provided a local general trimming service for cars of the 20's and 30's era. Over the years, the business has evolved and expanded and we now employ 37 staff and have gained a world-wide reputation for quality British-made interior trim, to original standards.

As of February 2021, we are delighted to announce that we are now a 100% employee-owned business. Simon Aldridge, had the sole share of the company and he transferred this share into a newly formed Employee Owned Trust. He is also a member of our board of Trustee's so will still oversee any major changes. Every employee is now a beneficiary of the business and will benefit from the annual sharing of company profits and will strive to carry on the Aldridge Legacy, ensuring the company maintains it's renowned reputation for quality and service.

As well as the mail order side of the business, we also provide a trimming service for owners who bring their vehicles on-site. 

Whilst mainly focusing on the Jaguar Marques (specifically from the 1950s onwards), we also support Austin Healey, Triumph, Mercedes (from 1964 onwards) and Ford cars from the 60's and 70's era. We can manufacture anything from a sunvisor to a complete interior trim set for virtually any classic car including many modern vehicles (if the customer can supply original patterns) and we are constantly adding to our product range.

Aldridge Trimming is now housed in a 20,000 sqft workshop; comprising of our main reception area, sewing room, metal-work room, wood-working station, sandblasting area, paint spraying booth, CAD room, foam moulding area, warehouse and main workshop floor where our 20 trimmers reside. We are one of the largest upholstery specialists offering new trim sets for various classic cars.

Our team keep with tradition. Everything from the preparation of original metal, to the cutting and stitching of new leather is all completed in-house. We have sourced leather and vinyl as close to the original as possible, even down to the colour and textures of the materials. Our success lies in our patterns for original trim. Our large collection consists of thousands of individual items, some of which we still use for marking leather or welding door panels, others have been programmed into our three flatbed cutters, to ensure precision every time. 

As Aldridge Trimming grows, the demand for new products grows and consumers expectations change. Previously all items were made to order, but now we are working to generate good levels of premade stock items that we can dispatch sooner. 

Year on year we invest in apprentice schemes and courses for our staff, experienced employees take on the role of apprentice mentor, ensuring these young trimmers strive for quality. We believe that it is essential to pass these skills on and allow the next generation of trimmers the opportunity to perfect their craft.

We are proud to be regularly featured on National Geographic's 'Car SOS' since Series 1, helping Tim and Fuzz restore well-loved classics. The show has been a great success and is National Geographics most watched, and highest rated show. We have also had numerous features in an array of magazines aimed at the classic car community, such as Jaguar World, Classic Jaguar, Classic Ford, Fast Ford and Retro Ford.

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We provide an extensive range of trim kits for local and international mail order as well as being a supplier to some of the major Jaguar, Triumph and Ford Restoration companies both in the UK and Worldwide.

Also Introducing our new cutting machine, providing precision & and high quality cutting. Please provide any more information you have about your workshop, to really sell to the users the scale and quality of your company.

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Meet the talented and experienced team behind the scenes here at Aldridge Trimming. Our team are passionate about transforming your beloved cars and creating the highest quality finished product.

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The company was started in 1931 by Don Newcombe, who initially provided a general trimming service for cars and coaches. Having helped his grandfather whilst still at school, Simon then took over the company in the eighties and introduced mail order products to work alongside the retrimming part of the company.

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