We are now an employee-owned business!

We are now an employee-owned business!

Here at Aldridge Trimming we are pleased and excited to announce that we are now an employee-owned business. In February of this year Simon transferred the ownership of the company in its entirety to the staff.

We still operate as any other company would, with our Managing Director Jenni continuing to run the business, but we also have a board of trustees who are elected each year to help manage the business and represent the staff here.

Simon still remains working at the business and is now focusing on using his expertise to develop new products.

Employee ownership gives each staff member a physical stake in the company and helps maintain our values and standards moving forwards. It also helps to reward the hard work of our brilliant workforce, many of whom have been here for over twenty years. All staff now have an added sense of security in their long term future and have an important input in how the company runs moving forward.

It is the exciting next chapter in our companies 90 year history and we are very grateful to Simon for giving us this opportunity.