Aldridge Trimming provide high quality interior trim manufacturing services including specialised trim fitting services to customers requiring a professional result.

Trim fitting a classic Jaguar is a specialised and skilled task. Kits are available and supplied by Aldridge Trimming for the keen enthusiast brave enough to have a go themselves. There are kits to cover seats, all of the interior trim and where a convertible, the hood. Although appearing to be a straightforward job, there are numerous fitting problems that need to be overcome prior to obtaining a good finish. Beauty is skin deep and just like a car's body work, a high quality interior finish is required to reflect the quality of the restoration process.

Stripping the interior of a classic car can often open a can of worms. For example, old seats which may look intact and only requiring covering, frequently have to be completely restored with new backs and rubber filling as well as covers. For many reputable classic car restorers, the decision is often sensibly made to contract the work to the specialist fitting team at Aldridge Trimming. This is often the most cost-effective way of ensuring a truly professional finish.

Aldridge Trimming started manufacturing trim parts because they were either not available or because of the poor quality of available products.

Aldridge Trimming are continually seeking to manufacture previously non-available items, thereby providing an improved service to customers. There are so many trim permutations for Jaguars that all kits are made to order, using materials that are almost indistinguishable from the originals. Aldridge keep an extensive stock of all raw materials and pre-cut panels ready for assembly. In this way, delivery times are kept to a minimum.

Aldridge Trimming is recognised as a leader in the provision of high quality trimming services. Quality is established in all aspects of the operation. Relating to materials, high quality hides and interior materials are sourced from leading suppliers to ensure a truly high quality, professional finish.

Many of the 18 staff at Aldridge Trimming have had considerable previous experience in the trimming industry and must have at least two years specific experience at Aldridge's before being allowed to work on an interior restoration without supervision. Even here, Simon Aldridge individually supervises all in-house trimming projects and must review / approve the quality of the completed job prior to collection of the car by the customer.