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Chris Bailey - Avatar

Aldridge were excellent, very professional and it's great to have real enthusiasts to work on your car. There's not many left!

Chris Bailey


Andrew Feaver - Avatar

I have been looking to tidy up the interior of my 1994 XJS Coupe. 2 areas of the interior were really beginning to let it down - the headlining and the driver's seat.

Dan at Aldridge Trimming was very patient with me, as the car had to be rebooked with him several times due to the logistics of arranging this from the North West... but it was worth the wait. Having arrived at a slightly unprepossessing industrial area in Wolverhampton, once inside it was a real Aladdin's cave! Lots of wonderful cars and bikes being worked on - including a beautiful full retrim of series 1 E type coupe, a VW Karmann Ghia, a Healey and what was probably a Ferrari 246 Dino under a cover. The people were lovely and all came to cast their expert eye over the XJS, including trying to sort out how my later facelift car differed from the earlier HE and Pre-HE, from a trim side (answer? = a lot!).

Behind the line of cars being worked on were row upon row of trimming worktables, with lots of different projects on the go and finally behind them were the rolls and rolls of stock material, waiting to be used. I could have stayed there for a long time, talking trimming and running a business during the pressures of lock down etc, but my wife was waiting, so I had to hurry!

I asked that both the headlining and the driver's seat were attended to. Dan found a suitable headlining cloth, a shade darker than the original, but still suitable and we agreed that the driver's seat should be repaired but to keep the patina that it had. I think they did a good job. And I felt it was value for money.

Andrew Feaver

1994 XJS Coupe

Anthony Moody - Avatar

I looked at a lot of trimmers before selecting Aldridge, and made my final decision after visiting. The Aldridge team are all very professional and showed a good understanding of how my E-Type should be done. I then went one step further and decided to pay a little extra from trimming the seats in Connolly Vaumol leather, a decision I will never regret as it delivered an extra level of authenticity to the restoration.

Anthony Moody


Andy Gibbs - Avatar

Aldridge Trimming had been reccommended to me for a re-trim by a car friend who's Jaguar E-Type had just been restored there. I had a look around his car and I was really impressed! Communication with the actual Trimmers made the decision-making rapid and they kept me involved throughout the job. The result can be judged from the photographs, I was delighted with the faultless interior and have recommended Aldridge Trimming to a number of car friends, which I don't do lightly.

Andy Gibbs


Cliff Leese - Avatar

The complete job from first contact with Simon to the finished car was a pleasure to do business with and I can only commend them for keeping me informed of the progress along the way with a photo history of the work as it progressed. To sum up a very professional compeny with extensive knowledge of classic cars and a cavern of patterns. I would recommend them always.

Cliff Leese


Aldridge Trimming have done a fantastic job, no complaints at all. Finish is perfect, fantastic choice of materials available and their attention to detail is exceptional.

Darren Wilson


Dave Deakin - Avatar

All I can say is AMAZING job Steve and Lauren!

Dave Deakin


John Brooks - Avatar

I was delighted with the re-upholstery of the entire car and hood. I was impressed by the quality of the materials used and the workmanship that went into it. Of particular delight was the friendly way in which I was involved in the work, and the encouragement I had for my input in remaking the woodwork for the seats, and the ironwork for the hood. I will leave a note in the car for a subsequent owner, perhaps in a century, recommending that the car is returned to you when it next needs the attention of a master upholsterer/retrimmer. Many thanks for your efforts.

John Brooks

RAPIER CXR 556 1936

I needed a repair to my BMW x5 drivers seat and discussed my requirements with Karen. I found her very professional and was very impressed with the repair which apparantly Karen did!! Cannot recommend Aldridge Trimming enough and in particular Karen

Peter Jones